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XS Icontest
an icontest for the show xiaolin showdown
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15th-Dec-2006 10:52 pm - Week 12 // EXTENSION!
Hello there, dear members! I do hope you're having a wonderful holiday season... Just to let you know, the jester is fine... =) Anyway, I'm here to remind you all to submit for our last theme of the year...

Lyrical: First Love by Utada Hikaru.

You know, it'd be a terrific Christmas present if you would submit... It'd make both of us quite happy indeed... =) So go and submit! ^_^
12th-Dec-2006 03:24 pm - Week 12
takari [ joy ]
This will be our LAST CHALLLENGE for the year. Next week is christmas and the week after is the new year. So we mods will be very busy, (Especially Ruby).

(I hope this is ok with you Ruby, any problem we can talk on msn)

We really would like full support of the whole community because this is our last challenge of the year. We would like at least 10+ icons for this week. Please =D
This weeks challenge is lyrical.

First Love by Utada Hikaru

Lyrics are behind the cut.

You were always gonna be the one..Collapse )
This song is translated from Japanese. Be creative this week!

Also Ruby & I discussed that maybe we should allow 3 icons per person from now on. So starting from this week we will be doing allowing 3 icons max. each person!

1.You must follow the theme mentioned.
2.You can enter up to 3 icons
3.No showing of your icon(s) until this week's winners have been posted.
4.Submissions end December 15th 6pm GMT 8+
5.New members please remember:
gong yi tan pai! <-------------- For new members

Good Luck to all participants!
11th-Dec-2006 03:41 pm - Week 11 winners
takari [ joy ]
After much decision with Ruby we got our winners. Thanks to all who participated ^^

The clouds go out and birds go wild..Collapse )
10th-Dec-2006 03:15 pm - Week 11// Voting Reminder!
Instead of Rubianca, a guy wearing a jester's outfit walks in...

Only three votes for this week?? (Not including Rubianca's and Megz', of course) Nay, I say! NAY! Thou must vote upon which coloured tiny canvas may-- *gets klunked over the head*

Rubianca: *holding a lute and breathing heavily* Uhm... Yes, there is a shortage of votes this week... So...

Vote now! And recieve this... Free jester! :D *pokes out-cold jester*

Everyone, I apologize for my insane beahviour today. The airconditioning is too cold and the coffee keeping me warm is making me high~

Don't forget to vote!

Oh and to our newest banner maker, mobsters, we received no reply from you about the Week 9 banners. If you wish to actually continue being a banner-maker, please comment on this post.

♥ Rubianca
8th-Dec-2006 06:10 pm - Week 11// Voting
I'm very please with the number of entries this week~ ♥ ^_^ Anyway, here's the usual vote post. You know the drill.

[x]This week's special category is Most Creative
[x] Vote for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the special category. In that order.
[x] You may not vote for yourself.
[x] Voting will end on Sunday, December 10 @ 6:00PM (GMT +8, Brunei/Singapore time)

She's the style star~Collapse )

Oh and for those who didn't get the holiday thing... The Festival Of Tibetan Yak Butter Sculptures is from Teacher's Pet while Festivus is from Seinfeld. (Props to donkeykongsong for getting the second one right... :D)

♥ Rubianca
4th-Dec-2006 02:43 pm - Week 11 // Extension!
Well, entries for Week 11 are running low and that makes me kinda sad... D= But it's understandable, since everyone's putting up holiday decor or something...

Whether is Christmas, Hanukkah, Hari Raya (although it ended about a week ago, it's still party time! XD), Kwanzaa or the Festival of Tibetan Yak Butter Sculptures or Festivus, have fun this holiday season... :)

Don't forget to submit your icons! Submit! You have until December 8 at 6pm (GMT 8+) to submit.

♥ Rubianca

PS: If anyone can guess which cartoon and TV show I was referring to with those last two holidays, you get a cookie. :)
30th-Nov-2006 03:17 pm - Banners: Week 08 and Week 10!
Ack! I can't believe I forgot I was supposed to do banners for Week 08... T_T Sorry, everyone! Anyway, here they are now! :D

Week 08Collapse )

And now for the more recent banners for Week 10! :D

Week 10Collapse )

Save to your own server, please! Don't forget to enter this week's theme!

♥ Rubianca
27th-Nov-2006 01:35 pm - Week 11
takari [ joy ]
This theme was suggested by raven353. Us mods were quite impressed and decided to lay this theme out one day. This week's theme is:

Kimiko's style

You must feature Kimiko in a specific hairstyle or clothing.
You are not are allowed to do something that states only 'Kimiko's Style' as TEXT! It's the image that matters.

1.You must follow the theme mentioned.
2.You can enter up to 2 icons.
3.No showing of your icon(s) until this week's winners have been posted.
4.Submissions end December 1st 6pm GMT+8
5.New members please remember:
gong yi tan pai! <-------------- For new members
27th-Nov-2006 01:23 pm - Week 10 // Winners!
Thanks to everyone for voting! Even after a lot of ties we managed to get some votes to even it all out... Thanks much for that... :) Now onto the winners!

Villany at its finest...Collapse )

There was no Mod's or Co-Mod's Choice this week due to lack of entries... *sniff* I hope this week's theme will have more entries! *puppy eyes* I'm doing banners this week and I hope to get them up soon... :)

♥ Rubianca
26th-Nov-2006 09:07 pm - Reminder
takari [ joy ]
We don't have enough votes to determine the winners! We would like more votes please!

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