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XS Icontest

an icontest for the show xiaolin showdown

Xiaolin Showdown Icontest
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Are you a fan of the show Xiaolin Showdown? Are you a graphics maker, annoyed by the fact that there aren't any Xiaolin Showdown icontest communities on LJ? Well, then look no further than xs_icontest! This community works like every other icontest communities out there. Only this one is for Xiaolin Showdown.

The community is run by Rubianca (amelia_124) and Meg (megan23352) only they need posting access.

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This week's challenge is...

Submission ends 24th November // Voting ends 26th November

1. No rudeness! Bashing of any sort will not be tolerated in this community. If you don't like the pairing/subject of someone's icon, don't start drama. Can't we all just get along?

2. If you take any icons from this community, credit the icon maker! In either the keywords or the comments of the icon. After all, crediting is the right thing to do.

3. Only the two mods, amelia_124 and megan23352 need posting access. The participants don't need it. So if you ask for it, we'll just laugh. Heh...

4. If you didn't win, don't sulk. There's always next time! ^_^ But sulking, we mean going "Oh man... Meh icon didn't win! I suck... DDDDD:" that just brings down the community spirit. You win some, you lose some.

5. This is not the place to promote communities in just any post. Use the promotion post for that.

6. If you want to contact the mods, don't leave a message at our personal journals. Our contact info is in the "Contact" section.

7. Have fun! =D

1. You can enter up to two icons in each challenge.

2. The theme/challenge will be posted every Tuesday at 6pm (Singapore/Brunei time. That's 8h+ GMT). You have until Friday at 6pm to submit your icons. The voting period is from Friday to Sunday (voting will end at 6pm).

3. Results will be announced the Monday after the voting period.

4. If you are late for submission of icons, your icon will not be posted for the voting session. (Ie: it will be disqualified)

5. You can win in the following categories... First place, second place, third place, a special award (like best text, colour, etc. This will be announced during the voting), Mod's choice (that's Rubianca's choice) and Co-Mod's choice (Meg's choice).

1. You can only submit your icons during the submission period. That's after the mod posts the theme. The deadline is Friday at 6pm.

2. The icon(s) you submit must follow the theme or else it will be disqualified. For example, if the theme is "Hush" (ie: textless), don't go submitting an icon with text on it.

3. To prove that you have read the rules, put "gong yi tan pai" somewhere in your submission. You need only do this the first time you enter. After all, you don't need to put "gong yi tan pai" anymore.

4. Upload your icons to a good server. (try Photobucket or Imageshack)

5. The icon you submit must be one that you have made for the challenge. Ie: an icon that no one else has seen and you made with the challenge in mind.

6. When you submit an icon, submit it at the challenge post. Don't worry, comments will be screened.

7. Example of an entry:

gong yi tan pai

1. The post where you post your votes will be posted on Friday at 6pm (ie: the deadline for entries) Please specify which icon you think should be in which place and which icon you think best fits the special award.

2. You may not vote for your own icon. (Unless we have 5 and less entries we will allow voting for your own icon)

3. Don't go around advertising, telling people to vote for your icon. That's just unfair. D:

4. When you vote, don't just vote for an icon just because it was made by your friend. (unless of course, you really think it's the best) Have an open mind! Don't ignore a good icon if the pairing/subject isn't your taste.

If you won, congrats! =D *throws confetti* Please remember to...

- Upload the banner to your own server.
- Give us a little mention on your post. (Please? =D)

The banner will look a little like this if you would like to see

(banner above made by Megan)


(banner above made by Rubianca and is a prize banner for the community icontest at raimundo_kimiko Please do not take! The banner belongs to kookyz as she won it!)

The banner will include your winning icon, your username, your placing and the week you participated in. As well as "xs_icontest" somewhere on it.

If you have any questions/problems, please don't hesitate to ask us...

Community E-mail: xs.icontest@gmail.com

Mod: amelia_124 aka Rubianca
E-mail: rubyiame@gmail.com
Icon journal: rubianca_icons

Co-Mod: megan23352 aka Meg
E-mail: violet_girl_@hotmail.com
Icon journal: sakusei

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Original layout by flyingwild @ azuremoonicons, the colours and header image were edited by us.

The screencap used for the community headers was taken by the luffly jadebell and can be found at her XS Photobucket Album.

Other good places for screencaps... (Don't forget to credit!)
- Radicool's XS Screenshots done by radicool
- Nanard's XS screenshots (the LiveJournal of this user is unknown. The mods just found it by random browsing)

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