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XS Icontest
an icontest for the show xiaolin showdown
Week 11 
27th-Nov-2006 01:35 pm
takari [ joy ]
This theme was suggested by raven353. Us mods were quite impressed and decided to lay this theme out one day. This week's theme is:

Kimiko's style

You must feature Kimiko in a specific hairstyle or clothing.
You are not are allowed to do something that states only 'Kimiko's Style' as TEXT! It's the image that matters.

1.You must follow the theme mentioned.
2.You can enter up to 2 icons.
3.No showing of your icon(s) until this week's winners have been posted.
4.Submissions end December 1st 6pm GMT+8
5.New members please remember:
gong yi tan pai! <-------------- For new members
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