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XS Icontest
an icontest for the show xiaolin showdown
Week 11// Voting Reminder! 
10th-Dec-2006 03:15 pm
Instead of Rubianca, a guy wearing a jester's outfit walks in...

Only three votes for this week?? (Not including Rubianca's and Megz', of course) Nay, I say! NAY! Thou must vote upon which coloured tiny canvas may-- *gets klunked over the head*

Rubianca: *holding a lute and breathing heavily* Uhm... Yes, there is a shortage of votes this week... So...

Vote now! And recieve this... Free jester! :D *pokes out-cold jester*

Everyone, I apologize for my insane beahviour today. The airconditioning is too cold and the coffee keeping me warm is making me high~

Don't forget to vote!

Oh and to our newest banner maker, mobsters, we received no reply from you about the Week 9 banners. If you wish to actually continue being a banner-maker, please comment on this post.

♥ Rubianca
17th-Dec-2006 11:34 pm (UTC)
Hee. RL issues came up. (I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes) but I'll have the banners up as soon as I'm out of school (Wednesday).

Sorry for the wait. :(
18th-Dec-2006 02:52 am (UTC)
Oh! It's no problem! I didn't see your journal until after I posted this... Diabetes is perfectly good reason to miss banner-making. Please do take care of yourself! Watch that blood sugar level, don't forget to take your insulin everyday and keep yourself healthy, okay? Megzu-chan and I saw your journal post and we're both really concerned. Take care~

And take as long as you need... :) It's no problem..
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