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XS Icontest
an icontest for the show xiaolin showdown
December 12th, 2006 
03:24 pm - Week 12
takari [ joy ]
This will be our LAST CHALLLENGE for the year. Next week is christmas and the week after is the new year. So we mods will be very busy, (Especially Ruby).

(I hope this is ok with you Ruby, any problem we can talk on msn)

We really would like full support of the whole community because this is our last challenge of the year. We would like at least 10+ icons for this week. Please =D
This weeks challenge is lyrical.

First Love by Utada Hikaru

Lyrics are behind the cut.

You were always gonna be the one..Collapse )
This song is translated from Japanese. Be creative this week!

Also Ruby & I discussed that maybe we should allow 3 icons per person from now on. So starting from this week we will be doing allowing 3 icons max. each person!

1.You must follow the theme mentioned.
2.You can enter up to 3 icons
3.No showing of your icon(s) until this week's winners have been posted.
4.Submissions end December 15th 6pm GMT 8+
5.New members please remember:
gong yi tan pai! <-------------- For new members

Good Luck to all participants!
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